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We believe in the power of a cup of coffee. We believe that no matter what you're going through, there's nothing better than opening up a fresh bag of beans and brewing up a delicious blend to get you through the day. But we also believe it should be easy to do without harming the earth.
That's why we source all of our coffee ethically and sustainably. We're dedicated to making sure every step in your cup's journey is as environmentally conscious as possible so that when you take that first sip, you can feel good about your choice.

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We carry a wide range of coffee for every palate. We've got you covered whether you prefer to enjoy a vibrant, fruity brew or have something delicate and balanced. You'll find the perfect flavourful match between your taste buds and our selection.

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We want to bring the world's finest premium coffees to your door. You will receive fresh, delicious, decadence coffee when you sign up for our subscription program. It's the perfect way to try new coffees and support small farmers and our planet at the same time!

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Amends Coffee Co is a specialty coffee company that offers luxury taste with a relationship-focused approach. How do we do it? We work directly with farmers and only purchase from those we can verify are growing coffee responsibly and sustainably.

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